What is RPA?

Automation is disrupting the way we work, live and play

Simply put, RPA is automation software that emulates and integrates the actions of a human interacting with digital systems to execute a business process. RPA automates any high-volume, business-rules driven, repetitive process with structured or semi-structured data. RPA executes actions through application user interfaces (UI), just like a human, and does not require complex and costly integration through application programming interfaces (APIs). Learn more about Robotic Process Automation.

How we SET you up for success!

To accelerate your RPA journey, we’ve developed a Solution Enablement Toolkit (SET) that provides automation benefits in a matter of weeks. We design, implement, and operationalize global enterprise RPA solutions using a six-stage automation framework. Our SET contains proven methodologies, processes, best practices, tools and templates, reusable designs and components. Learn more about our RPA Solution Enablement Toolkit (SET).

The core of our RPA solution is the best-in-class RPA platform from UiPath

Ranked as the unanimous #1 leader in RPA by Gartner, Forrester, and Everest Peak analysts, UiPath provides an RPA platform with rich capabilities and features that automate business processes across different industries, business functions and use cases.

A strategic partner with UiPath, we resell and implement the UiPath platform, and partner with customers to create solutions that achieve specific business outcomes.

End-to-end automation solution

For 2020, UiPath has extended its platform to create an end-to-end solution and added upstream capabilities including ideation, process understanding and pipeline management, and downstream capabilities including improved reporting and analytics. In addition, UiPath continues to expand its partner ecosystems with additional native application integration, including seamless integration with complementary Microsoft products and services.

Why iSoftStone?

We are a global digital consulting company with expert business domain knowledge, deep product knowledge, trained and certified software development engineers, and in-house expertise to design and deliver quality, innovative solutions.

We ensure customer success through our Automation Center for Excellence (A-COE), Solution Enablement Toolkit, global delivery capabilities, and consultative and collaborative partnerships with our customers.

Explore the areas below for a more detailed review of our offerings, experience, and expertise:

What is RPA?

If you’re new to robotic process automation (RPA), we provide an overview of RPA capabilities and benefits. We highlight use cases with the best adoption potential.

Solution Enablement Toolkit

Ready to consider RPA for your enterprise? Then you’re ready to accelerate your journey with our Solution Enablement Toolkit (SET). Be up and running in a matter of weeks!

Automation COE

As you begin your automation journey, we recommend that you create a center of excellence (COE) to share, collaborate, align, and govern your automation initiatives across the enterprise.

Journey to Intelligent Automation

Interested in automating higher-order tasks? We explain how combining RPA with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) leads to intelligent automation.

Automation Resources

Read our customer stories to learn how we partner with them to enable their business outcomes. Download our free white papers for ideas and best practices. And stay up to date with our latest insights on our blog.